What we do


 A summary below illustrates the projects SAMO has been involved in.  In a very segmented Power and Telecommunications market, SAMO offers a unique mixture and approach to solutions.  On the whole our offerings are a combination of both markets.


 Professional Services 
  • Optic Fiber Network Planning
  • Substation Design
  • Buildings Electrical Design
  • Last Mile Connectivity
  • Rail Electrification Design
  • Underground Service Detection
  • Optic Fiber Testing
  • Relay tests
  • Cable Testing
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Electrical energy measurements
  • Lighting measurements
  • Asset Management
  • Radio and MW
  • Optic fiber - UG and Ariel and Micro-trenching
  • Underground Cable Systems
  • Building Electrification
  • Radio and MW
  • Telemetry